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About Karen 

The perfect mix of empathy and empowerment

For as long as I can remember I have always loved the natural world and the intricate beauty of wildflowers. This led me to begin my professional life as an Environmental Conservationist. I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science with a focus on Protected Area Management and spent over a decade working within the beautiful natural systems of Southern Alberta.

This would be the birthplace of my skills in Strategy, Systems, and Sustainability, as I studied the interface between people and place, and supported the development of regional environmental strategies and environmental policy.


The urge to tend to my own creative fires became strong and in 2021 I re-birthed my beautiful heart-centered consulting business with passion and purpose. It became a culmination of my knowledge and experience and an expression of my journey, empowering business owners and uncovering myself along the way.


The wildflower is my inspiration with its delicate beauty but hearty nature, and its ability to self-seed and flourish in unexpected places. As I continue to grow I honor my deep desire to make a difference in the lives of others, follow my path that perfectly aligns with my passion and purpose, and pour my heart and soul into what I do for a living.


I am the perfect mix of empathy and empowerment, providing a safe space for business owners to feel heard and supported. I have worked with a wide variety of businesses empowering herbalists, horse trainers, retailers and opera singers, midwives, musicians, farmers, and food manufacturers.


It is my gift to support you, giving you a voice, focus, clarity, fresh perspective, and above all, an opportunity to evolve and use your business as a force for good!​ I am humbled to find you here among the wildflowers…


"I am so grateful for Karen and her work! I cannot recommend her enough.

I am still moved by how magical her coming into my life was... kinda like an angel just when I needed one. Just being able to talk about everything that happened and where I was at in my businesses, it really helped me let go and move into a totally new heart and headspace.

Thank you so much, I am deeply grateful..." Kate Coyote, Matraea Midwives & Matraea Trading


“Like wildflowers; You must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.” ~ E.V.

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