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Storytelling For Business ~ Recent Work

Devour a few delicious words...

Yes, it’s important to have a quality product or service, but you need to know how to talk about it in a way that makes you stand out in a sea of sameness. Business storytelling is the authentic and cohesive narrative that weaves together the facts and emotions that your business or brand evokes.

If your customers are humans then storytelling is THE best way to connect with them, 'marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories, you tell' S.G. I couldn't agree more. It has never been more important to start sharing the story behind your brand, why it exists, and why it matters, consistently across all of your communication.

Click here for storytelling services and deliverables and here to see what people say about Wildflower's services! feel free to devour the delicious business stories below. Each of them expresses exceptional journeys of entrepreneurship, challenge, success, creativity, and above all else personal growth!

''Karen is amazing at putting pen to paper to capture the passion and essence of storytelling in business. I can personally vouch for her amazing talent. We used our Business Story to attract additional media attention from local papers, special events, and within our social media and website content creation. Thank you so much Karen, we look forward to our continued collaboration...''

~ Kristina Kucan and Andy Tolson, Silver Tongue Foods 

Storytelling for Business


Strategy and Systems ~ Recent Work

Creating focus, clarity, structure and ease...

'Working with Karen and Sharelle has been profoundly transformative for me. I have always been overwhelmed by accounting and business software especially because I run a herbal medicine practice with so many different products sold in different quantities and combinations.


Karen and Sharelle didn't just tell me what to do and send me on my way, they literally spent hours entering in data, counting stock, transferring information from one system to another, and creating a system that was fully functioning and set up ready for me to use.


I have never come across this kind of practical support as a small business person. I would have expected to pay thousands of dollars for the kind of hands-on, one on one support they offered but the rates were so reasonable that I was actually able to afford to use them even at a start-up level of income.


Apart from being incredibly good at what they do they are the nicest people you could hope to work with! To say I'm grateful is an understatement... A million thank yous to you both!...'

Heidi Merika

Heidi Merika Botanical

Strategy & Systems

Click here for strategy and system services and deliverables and here to see what people say about Wildflower's services!

IMG_5311 (1).JPG

Creating focus, clarity, structure and ease...

'I would highly, highly recommend Karen to work on any aspect of your business in regards to streamlining, systems improvement, and strategic planning. 


Karen is brilliant at helping you effectively nail down where your time is currently wasted, so you can get on with what you started out doing and that’s being creative and making money!

Thank you Karen you have simply been an asset to work with and any business owners that have the pleasure of working with you will feel exactly the same...'

Aimee Sherriff 

The Powerhouse Collective

Strategy & Systems

Click here for strategy and system services and deliverables and here to see what people say about Wildflower's services!

Aimee 1.jpeg

Creating focus, clarity, structure and ease...

'Thank you so much Karen for the amazing work you did with us, the Refocus and Refresh process was exactly what we needed to allow us to take a step back and look at our business.

Your attention to the finer details made it easy for us to relate to the suggestions in your summary report and we are already making adjustments to our business in the first week.


We feel like we are back in the driver's seat!...'


Luke and Julia Charters

Ethical Brand Co

Strategy & Systems

Click here for strategy and system services and deliverables and here to see what people say about Wildflower's services!


''I am so grateful for Karen and her work! I cannot recommend her enough. I am still moved by how magical her coming into my life was...kinda like an angel just when I needed one.

It's true, just being able to talk about everything that happened and where I was at in my businesses...It really helped me let go and move into a totally new heart and headspace.

Thank you so much, I am deeply grateful...''

~Kate Koyote, Matraea Midwives & Matraea Trading Wholesale

Strategy & Systems


Sustainability ~ Recent Work

Using business as a force for good...

At the end of the day, its not enough to make a product or a profit, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to also make a change and become leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.


B Corp certification is unique in its ability to measure a business's entire social and environmental impact and transition the business model into one that has a positive impact on the planet and her people.


The results of the transition in my own business have been astounding!​ There are so many reasons to become a B Corp, you can read about my journey here. 

Click here for sustainability services and deliverables and here see the amazing work happening in this space!

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