What People Say

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'I would highly recommend Karen to anyone that needs more guidance, focus, clarity or support, in the process of nurturing the growth of their business... 

Her support has been priceless and pivotal in keeping our dream alive and for that we are deeply grateful...'

'I am so grateful for Karen and her work! I cannot recommend her enough. I am still moved by how magical her coming into my life was...kinda like an angel just when I needed one.


It's true, just being able to talk about everything that happened and where I was at in my businesses...It really helped me let go and move into a totally new heart and headspace.


Thank you so much, I am deeply grateful...'

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'Working with Karen and Sharelle has been profoundly transformative for me. I have always been overwhelmed by accounting and business software especially because I run a herbal medicine practice with so many different products sold in different quantities and combinations.


Karen and Sharelle didn't just tell me what to do and send me on my way, they literally spent hours entering in data, counting stock, transferring information from one system to another, and creating a system that was fully functioning and set up ready for me to use.


I have never come across this kind of practical support as a small business person. I would have expected to pay thousands of dollars for the kind of hands-on, one on one support they offered but the rates were so reasonable that I was actually able to afford to use them even at a start-up level of income.


Apart from being incredibly good at what they do they are the nicest people you could hope to work with! To say I'm grateful is an understatement... A million thank you's to you both!...'

'Karen has a brilliant eye for branding and visual communication and is great at brainstorming business ideas... 

She continually questions common beliefs and the status quo, which can be refreshing and very insightful. She is able to find a way in, and really get to the heart and truth of things...'

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Aimee Sherriff 
The Powerhouse Collective

'I would highly, highly recommend Karen to work on any aspect of your business in regards to streamlining, systems improvement, strategic planning, and helping you to effectively nail down where your time is currently wasted, so you can get on with what you started out doing and that’s being creative and making money!

Thank You Karen you have simply been an asset to work with and any businesses that have the pleasure of working with you will feel exactly the same...'

'I first met Karen in my gift shop Little Bird in Duncan and felt immediately comfortable talking with her. 

She was interested in the business and she mentioned she was a business coach for women in various capacities. I kept that in my mind, and a couple of weeks later decided to contact her for a consultation to help motivate me to move forward in places where I felt I needed it.

Karen came to my home, we had tea, and chatted about the business and where I needed solutions and timelines.

She proposed a plan with a price quote and followed through on putting it in place, including touching base when each timeline was reached.

Her prices are reasonable and you get great attention from Karen at Wildflower!...'

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'Karen is so encouraging and supportive. Our regular Wildflower Sessions are just what I need to share ideas and be accountable for moving forward. 


Karen provides a summary of each session and makes herself available between sessions to answer questions or provide feedback. I am so lucky to have her to work with and  I look forward to launching my new business! 

I encourage you to contact Karen with your business ideas and needs. She has the skills and the heart to help you blossom!...'

'Refocus and Refresh was exactly what I needed! 


Karen gracefully defined what strategic steps I could take to courageously walk my authentic path within my business.


I have never in my life been held and honored like that before...'


'Thank you so much Karen for the amazing work you did with us, the Refocus and Refresh process was exactly what we needed to allow us to take a step back and look at our business.


Your attention to the finer details made it easy for us to relate to the suggestions in your summary report and we are already making adjustments to our business in the first week. We feel like we are back in the driver's seat!...'