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Are you feeling business overwhelm,
experiencing rapid growth, or scaling?

I offer a very powerful process that will allow you to assess and refocus your business.


The results will empower you to reclaim the driver's seat and forge a new and strategic path forward.

Do you crave clarity, focus, and direction?

Strategy allows you to:

See the business from a birds-eye view - taking a step back from the business on a regular basis to work ON the business as opposed to IN the business.

Build on what you are already doing well - most business owners have a good pulse on what is going well but rarely take the time to optimise and leverage those aspects.

Address what you are lacking - if you want to grow the business you have to allow other professionals to bring their talent and expertise to help you solve problems as they arise.

Minimize and mitigate further risks - now is the time to future-proof your business, look at the possible risks from every angle and build resilience into your planning.

Optimise hidden opportunities - when you are 'too busy' you simply can't see them, stepping back and having a look around will reveal simple opportunities ready and waiting to be optimised.


Are you ready to evaluate your current position and create structure and order?

The strategy deliverables will reveal exactly what needs your immediate attention and your new business priorities will have action plans, tasks, greater purpose, and focus.

You will know exactly where to start and what direction to take, with smart goals to enhance your business and a new mission statement that anchors your business in a state of knowing why it exists and the direction it is taking. 

Strategy and systems are the ultimate method of turning a struggling business into a well-oiled machine and taking a thriving business to the next level!

If you are too busy to build good systems will always be too busy! 

As business owners, we ALL face a common problem: 'too much to do; too little time' The answer to this problem lies in systems! 


During the start-up phase, many business owners discover that they desperately need new systems in order to organize and streamline workflow. As a business begins to grow, new systems are again needed as staff numbers increase and processes and procedures underpin the productivity of the daily grind.


I offer comprehensive systems analysis and mentorship that will empower you to create the systems needed to hold your business as it grows, so you can enable your team and reclaim your time to do what you do best!


Anything in your business can be systemized and every single system has the potential to enhance the growth of your business. 

The beauty and benefits of systems:

Systems are strategic When you implement the right systems, you create more time and mental freedom. This newfound mental energy allows you to work 'ON' your business not just 'IN' it, which is key to growing your business.


Systems dodge problems - In business, small problems eventually lead to big ones. Putting systems in place can successfully mitigate and manage small-scale problems.


Systems improve productivity - Improving your business isn’t just about saving time. It’s about using the time you have to the greatest possible advantage. That’s the power of productivity.


Systems grow your business - Instead of reacting to crises, you can proactively address issues and manage growth hurdles.


A simple system, once created and implemented, can save you hundreds of hours of precious time each year!

What's Included


Step 1

Initial consult - This FREE consult is a chance for us to connect. We determine if our services will add value and empower your business, and see if we are a good fit to work together.


If so I provide an overview of deliverables and a contract and we schedule the Strategy and Systems Session. 

Step 2

Strategy and Systems Session - Through a  focused and strategic session, we work through a series of Strategy and Systems Q&A. 


My questions and your answers extract important information about your business. This conversation alone will immediately offer you a more strategic and fresh perspective.


Additional Q&A will uncover the goldmine of SWOT, providing endless opportunities for you to assess, strengthen and improve your business, processes, and procedures.

We funnel the information into a prioritized framework creating goals and tasks, naming persons accountable, and scheduling dates for completion. 

We usually allow for 1 full-day session or 2 half-day sessions to complete the Q&A and framework.


Step 3


I am here to assist you each step of the way by sourcing expertise you might need, working alongside you, or even just helping you to stay accountable to your goals. 



  • a new business mission statement 

  • a detailed SWOT analysis of your business

  • a framework of goals, actions and tasks in priority order with people and timelines assigned 

  • support to keep you accountable for completing the tasks

  • all deliverables are made available to you on google drive

'Thank you so much Karen for the amazing work you did with us, the Refocus process was exactly what we needed to allow us to take a step back and look at our business. Your attention to the finer details made it easy for us to relate to the suggestions in your summary report and we are already making adjustments to our business in the first week. We feel like we are back in the driver's seat! Many thanks again, and we will touch base with you soon in regards to the idea of you helping us implement some of the things we need!...'

~ Luke and Julia Charters, Ethical Brand Co 

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